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Process Description

In the foundries, fettling refers to cleaning of the metals to remove excessive materials generated after casting. It is a method that converts any crude casting into a finished component that adheres precisely to the specifications given by customer.

All the unwanted metals like risers, flashings, cores, runners, gates, etc. are removed by this process.

At ATPL, we have deployed a fully equipped fettling shop that improves the overall operational efficiency and minimizes efforts to be taken by the operators.

We have separate fettling booths for grinding and welding purposes.

Why Prefer ATPL for Fettling Process?

We, at ATPL, have a customized machining, fettling, and fabrication shop where a huge volume of castings produced by our foundry is brought for final finishing. We offer better processing and products due to the factors like:

  • Our fettlers are highly trained and experienced in dealing with a wide range of products. They can meet every demand from the customers with their expertise and experience in this industry.
  • Our fettling processes are 100% safe for our workers and operators. With complete automation and state-of-the-art infrastructure, we ensure their safety from grinder vibrations, dust, fumes, and excessive noises.
  • The productivity of our facility has significantly improved due to customized solution systems deployed across the shops.
  • We can ensure exact specifications as required by the customers by using advanced techniques for fettling processes. We provide dimensionally accurate end products with gleaming surface finish as demanded by our clients.