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Sand Management

Process Description

Foundry industry uses sand as a primary materials in mold making which needs to be recycled to avoid the depletion of natural resource. In ATPL, to minimize the sand disposal, the mould sand is reclaimed with a specifically designed reclamation plant and the total sand management system is under closed environment to avoid the spillage of sand all over the foundry.

More about Sand Management:

At ATPL, we have advanced facility for sand reclamation. We have installed Reclamation plant which will filter the impurities and cool the sand which can be reused for the process to the extent of 90%. This will help in reducing the purchase of new sand in turn help in improving the natural resources consumption.

Our processes are conducted as per the specified regulations and quality standards. Also, the sand management at ATPL is monitored by an automated system under the supervision of our technical experts. Hence, we can reduce the overall costing of our processes for the end users.