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Lab Equipment

Process Description

In a foundry, lab equipment refers to the specialized equipment required by the facility for various research, analytical, and diagnostic purposes. The functionality of such equipment can be understood by the fact that they are critical for various stages and processes of metal casting industry. They are extensively used in different fields of casting industry.

What we possess At ATPL?

At Arihant Technocast India Private Limited, we possess state-of-the-art lab equipment for ensuring the highest standards of quality in our processes.

The equipment and tools like testing machines, pyrometers, furnaces, thermocouples, spectrometer, imported from Germany and other analytical equipment are used for precise analysis of tests

conducted in different phases of processing. These equipment and tools are manufactured from the highest quality of raw materials. The instruments installed in our facility are chemical resistant, heat resistant, and expansion resistant for ensuring the best precision and accuracy methods.

We have a well-equipped mechanical and chemical lab in our facility. The types of equipment available in our foundry include equipment for testing of mold sand testing, machine shop operations, heat treatment, and welding processes.

At ATPL, we understand the importance of suitability of the research equipment and ensure our customers that we possess the best quality tested instruments in our labs. As a standard laboratory practice, our equipment is well-suited for various designated purposes and these instruments are properly calibrated for conducting intensive tests. The instruments used at our facility undergo the similar validation process as used for process instrumentation.