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Process Description

Pouring – Offering more than 200 Customised Material Grades

Molding processes in the metal casting industry are followed by Pouring procedure. It refers to the process of delivering the molten metal into a mold by passing it through a gating system. In this entire process, there are many factors that must be carefully considered. The initial temperature at which the molten material is casted into the mold should be higher than the temperature to be maintained at the time of solidification. The pouring rate and turbulence are other important aspects affecting this procedure.

At ATPL, we possess the ability to manufacture fabrications and assemblies for shielding purposes during the lead pours. Our advanced products are serving many industries since a long time.

Why ATPL as Your Partner?

At ATPL, we are driven by our strong commitment to values and a steadfast promise to maintain the highest standards of quality in every process. Hence, we have installed the best infrastructure for pouring process within our facility. Our induction melting furnaces allow pouring into a wide range of cast alloys.

  • The consistency of the alloys is maintained throughout the processes by following the proprietary and recognized alloy standards.
  • We also ensure casting the alloys exactly as per the given specifications. Here, testing of the process is critical and we follow a stringent procedure of monitoring and validation.
  • Furthermore, accuracy of our processes is assured by our skilled team of technicians having adequate knowledge and proficiency in developing new products and improvising on the current practices.