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Process Description

Knock Out –with closed cabinets and dedicated de-dusting system

This is an important segment of casting process. After the cooling of casting, it is removed from the mold by using the process of knockout. The temperature also falls gradually during this entire process. At this stage, the molding sand gets completely dried out and tiny particles constituting it become airborne. The sand mold is broken and the sand is then reused. All the types of debris are removed and leftover sand is recycled in a controlled temperature.

This is a complex procedure often performed under hostile conditions in some facilities. However, at Arihant Technocast India Private Limited, we have a state-of-the-art system and automated equipment that simplifies this entire process.

From controlling the cooling time of casting to its consistent monitoring, we have deployed all the latest techniques to ensure the maximized output with energy-efficiency and precision. We have installed an automated sand plant where this reusable sand is taken in the form of silos for further cooling and then, it is taken to the mixers for batch preparation under the controlled conditions.

Why ATPL for this Process?

We embark on our quality adherence to assure you the absolute diligence in all our processes and products. As a company you can trust, we have build our facility in compliance with the predefined standards of this industry. Automation is integrated into every process to guarantee the precision exactly up to the specifications.

  • Right from the selection of base material to the machinery and monitoring, we specifically carry our operations by following the best manufacturing practices.
  • Our system of knockout is effectively implemented by our expert team of technical experts. Our staff works diligently throughout the process to maintain its efficacy.
  • There is a consistent monitoring system to check the properties of sand, requirements of sand addition, and compact-ability of the prepared sand. System controls are critical for the implementation of this process and we follow stringent policies in this regard.
  • We will provide superior casting surface finishing due to the accuracy of our processes and expertise of our team.
  • Knock-out is being done at Closed Cabins with dedicated De-dusting system to ensure a dust free environment.