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Process Description

In any industry that relies on metals, shot blasting is an important process that includes cleaning and polishing of the metal. It is a surface polishing technique that uses rapid impact on the surface of a metal by using a controlled stream of abrasive materials. This method is preferred by most of the foundries because it is faster and more effective as compared to filing of the metal surface for removing the flash remaining on it.

It is a technological process that prepares the metal’s surface for further processing, viz. welding, coloring, etc. It is a process involving surface protection. It removes the blurs, rust, and scale that may affect the appearance of the metal. It reduces the surface contaminants and prepares it for better coating adhesion. It is to be understood that this method is different from shot peening process that induces compression and increases strength of the metal.

In shot blasting, the final results depend on various factors like particle velocity, shape, and mass of the abrasive, stroke coverage, as well as particle density.


At ATPL, we possess advanced technology and complete infrastructure that includes Spinner hanger shot blasting machine with 2500 KG capacity and 4-hook machine (first stage). We can upgrade the capacity of this machine to 5000 KG in a single hook as per the requirements to avoid sand on the returns. Also, we have a spinner hanger shot blast machine with 1500 KG capacity and 4-hook machine (final stage).

Our facility is well-equipped and manned to offer a wide range of services like variable speed control, 360-degree cleaning, nozzle blasting, tumble blasting, etc. We can vary the type of shot for each of these processes for removing heavy flash from the metal surface.

We have years of experience in this industry and always adhere to the highest standards of quality. As such, we can assure you that our parts are controlled and they are manufactured with absolute uniformity, consistency, and repeatability.

Our blast machines are maintained to perform efficiently for meeting the client’s specifications and they comply with quality measures.