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Shell Moulding

Process Description

Arihant Technocast India Private Limited implements the highly proven shell mold casting process that uses resin coated sand mixture to create the mold; we produce shell cast at different shapes with the highest accuracy and productivity rate.

Shell moulding is a mold casting process where the sand and resin mixture is poured around the pattern to form the shell molds -- the pattern can be of any desired shape which can be reused for producing multiple shell molds.

At ATPL, we are equipped with two modern machineries with plate sizes of 900x600 and 450 x600 mm that can manufacture the castings from 1 Kgr to 50 Kgr with high precision and dimensional accuracy. We also possess a separate shell core shooter to improve the quality of the castings manufactured through shell moulding process.

Why choose ATPL as your shell moulding partner?

  • At ATPL, we utilize modern shell moulding machinery that automates shell mold casting process to produce cost-effective molds.
  • We produce shell molds with smooth surface finish that enables the production of complex parts with thin sections and fewer projections.
  • We meet the customer requirements by producing high precision shell molds that require minimum labor, tooling cost and with minimum rejection.
  • Our shell mold castings can be used for different industrial needs including creating of flow parts, Engineering Parts, Traction parts and more.
  • We produce dimensional accurate shell casting molds.
  • Our product undergoes a series of testing processes to ensure the product integrity and customer satisfaction.