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Heat treating

Product Description

Heat Treatment – with Auto Quenching facility

In the casting industry, heat treatment is a significant process that involves heating or cooling of metals under controlled conditions to change their physical properties without transforming the shape of the product. The temperatures are adjusted according to the requirements of the process. They are usually maintained at the higher limits to attain the desired results, viz. softening or hardening of the metal.

As a matter of fact, heat treatment methods are also used for certain improvements in the manufacturing process. These may include better formability, better machining and restored ductility. It can enhance product performance by improving its strength and other properties.

Methods of Heat Treatment:

Usually, the process of heat treatment uses four basic techniques, viz. case hardening, annealing, tempering, and normalizing. In annealing process, metals are softened to make them more ductile and refine their structures. The metal is heated to a particular temperature and then cooled at the room temperature. Normalizing is a completely different process under which the ferrous metals are heated to a higher temperature and then air cooled after removing from the furnace. This process removes the internal stress from the metal because it can lead to failure of metal in some cases.

Hardening, on the other hand, comprises of a method that involves heating of steel to a high temperature and cooling it immediately by dipping into water, oil, or brine. This process hardens the metal but lessens its ductility. This process is followed by tempering under which the metal is heated to a particular temperature and then, left at that temperature for a while. After that, it is cooled to reduce its brittleness.

The most common application of this process is metallurgical and it is also used in glass industry. At ATPL, we possess an in-house infrastructure to conduct these processes accurately under the controlled conditions.


At ATPL, we possess the ability to conduct these treatments with the help of our associate vendors. Moreover, we ensure that every process is carried out as per the specifications given by the clients.

As a core value, we have always laid stress on the highest standards of quality. As such, the heat treatment procedures at our facility also follow the best quality measures. Also, we have the team of expert technical staff that assures an absolute precision in our processes.

We have 5000 KG capacity liquid fuel fired and 500 KG electric heat treatment furnaces, both with exclusive auto quenching facility.